Cake Smash For First Birthday

Cake Smash for Victoria…

Happy Birthday, Victoria

It was such a fun and amazing day photographing you with your cake smash for your first birthday.

vera kruis photography perth cake smash picture of young girl with large cake smash

Cake smashes are a brilliant and fun way to celebrate the first birthday of your child. Babies have such an incredible time by simply making a mess and in most cases tasting their very first cake.

Everything about a Cake Smash is a fun time from preparing to the final shots, but there are things that need to be made in readiness before this amazing experience can take place.

How it works…

Firstly I do all the arrangements for all the decorations before the session can begin. I take the time to talk to the parents about the finer details and their preferences, including the flavour, colour, theme, backdrops, props and clothing for their Cake Smash session.

Once you arrive with your child i will then take the time to confirm all our arrangements and use this time to get to know each other more so as everybody is feeling relaxed, we will also choose an outfit for your child, once this is all done the fun begins

baby girl eating cake smash after photo session with vera kruis photography perth and joondalup

Your next stage is the actual portrait session and the fun begins… most babies love to get messy and the excitement on their faces really shows and makes for great pictures, but this all depends on the temperament and the child’s personality. This is also a great time for the parents to get involved with their child and to more or less run the session and the direction it takes.

Bubblebath time…

Finally, once your Cake Smash is done we finish the session with your baby taking a warm bubble bath, and there is not one child that does not just love splashing around in the water and bubbles this again lends itself to some amazing pictures.

baby in bubble bath after cake smash session with vera kruis photography perth, joondalup

Book your own Cake Smash Session…

Cake Smash sessions are a very fun and relaxed time for all the family, if you would like to know more please do not hesitate to contact me about booking your own session.


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