Professional Family Photography Sessions

husband and wife with son on beach

The time we spend with our families is simply the most special time in our lives. This is the time we can never get back, and why more and more families are choosing to have a professional family photography session done to ensure they capture these special moments.

husband and wife cuddling son

There is an old saying that rings so very true and that is: “Time
stands still for no one” this is never more the case when we have children,
before long they will be all grown up and moving along with their own lives.

A professional photography session will ensure that we have
captured these very special moments and have them to look back on with a smile
or tear. These are the times we can never replace; these are the times we never
want to forget; these are the times we don’t want to be sitting down and think I
wish we had more pictures taken.


Family photography sessions can take place either in a studio or place of your choice, it is not uncommon to have pictures taken at your favourite spot like the beach, park, house or wherever that may be for you. These favourite locations can, in fact, make your photography session even more memorable

What to wear:

This is entirely your choice; you are only limited by how
you want your pictures to look. Each family is different and only you will know
what type of session you are looking for, this could be either very formal or
quite the opposite to very casual or funny, the choice is yours.

It is important to speak with your photographer to ensure
that the right surroundings are fitting the style of photography session you
are looking to have. A professional photographer such as Vera Kruis Photography
can assist you with making this decision.

Vera Kruis Photography is able to help you with arranging all your family photography session and are able to answer any questions you might have you can contact them here to find out more information.


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