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a newborn baby grabs his parents finger by vera kruis photography perth

Lasting Memories with Newborn Photography

Lasting Memories with Newborn Photography     Having a baby is like nothing else in your life. Suddenly, you are responsible for two lives and you barely had your own act down! Well, it is also the most beautiful feeling you will ever experience. There is someone who trusts you with their life so completely, …

Family portrait session by vera kruis photography perth

Why Dedicated Family Shoot Are a Great Idea

Why Dedicated Family Shoots Are a Great Idea You try to keep your loved ones as close to you as possible, but life has separate plans for each of us. At one point or another you will all go your different ways, only connecting on birthdays, Christmas and other major family events. But before that …

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Professional Family Photography Sessions

The time we spend with our families is simply the most special time in our lives. This is the time we can never get back, and why more and more families are choosing to have a professional family photography session done to ensure they capture these special moments. There is an old saying that rings …